PQ6 – the new, tool-free connection system for core drills. It makes it so easy to change drill bits you will start to love it.

The new, hassle-free PQ6 drill bit connection saves you every day annoying and time-wasting usage of extra tools when mounting and dismounting core drill bits. From now on, searching and carrying additional tools for changing your core drill bits finally ends!


The tool-free drill bit connection PQ6 celebrated its premiere at the world’s most prestigious trade fair for construction and mining machinery industry, bauma 2019.

The new system was presented to the international public for the first time there. The technical innovation with a 6-fold polygonal profile was developed on the initiative and with the support of the German Concrete Drilling and Sawing Association („Fachverband Betonbohren und -sägen“) in cooperation with the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). It offers various advantages that make working with core drill bits safer, easier, faster and more efficient, and is now enjoying increasing popularity and demand.

Brief. Simple. Progressive. We think, the name describes pretty well the new connection system and its features. But do you know how the name is made up? Well, simple as that: PQ6 is an abbreviation composed of the following words:

„Polygon“: describes the characteristic shape of a polygonal profile
„Quick“: a particularly fast handling by hand without the use of tools + an ergonomic assembly and disassembly of the core drill bit protect user and machine and reduces the risk of injury.
„6-fold“: specifies the description of the polygon profile


It is faster with the PQ6!

With the conventional connection of the drill bit, you clearly lose time. Even if you have the tool for the change close at hand. The PQ6 connection saves valuable seconds at each change. This adds up when changing 8 drill bits a day. You quickly reach 60 minutes per week that are available for more important things.

Significantly lower risk of injury.

No slipping during assembly / disassembly of your core drill bits thanks to self-centering characteristics and ergonomic screw lock.

Shorter ways and less equipment.

The core jams, the diameter changes or another material has to be processed? Save unnecessary walks to the toolbox in the construction vehicle – at each change of the drill bit on your drilling motor. Just change the core drill that way: Open the screw cap, change the drill bit, close the screw cap and continue with drilling!

High concentricity precision and self-centering

You will notice it directly: the drill bit with PQ6 connection is mounted directly and securely on your drilling machine. No sagging or shaking at the spindle. During horizontal drilling, the drill bit can easily be located on the spindle and both hands are free to lock the nut. The drill bit can even be mounted with one hand, as you can see in the video.